The MULTICAT KCS is an ideal solution for cutting of any kinds of steel (steel, stainless steel, alloys in all shapes). The special characteristic of the MULTICAT KCS is its specific design which can be perfectly adapted to the local conditions at the customer’s site. Thanks to a reinforced blade body and strong carbide this saw blade is suitable for any kind of application and can be resharpened several times. There are no standard dimensions for this saw blade due to its various different designs. The delivery program covers a diameter range of 200 - 2000 mm.

The MULTICAT KCNF is a carbide tipped circular saw blade which has particularly been designed for cutting profiles, tubes and solid materials made of non-ferrous metals, e.g. aluminium, bronze and copper. In addition to many standard dimensions we also offer customized solutions. The complete delivery program also includes saw blades for cutting wood and plastics and covers a diameter range of 150 - 2000 mm.

Standard sizes in mm for non-ferrous metals

Other dimensions on request.